Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burton Love Snowboards controversy

So Burton has released a line of snowboards called the "Love" this season and not many people are happy with it. These snowboards feature vintage playboy models skimpily dressed with their ass on the base.

Parents were the first one to speak out against this line, but now ski resorts in England and western states are joining in on the protest as well as demonstrations outside Burton headquarters in Burlington, Vt.
What I have to say is, just let it go. Do you really think with television and the internet these days, kids aren't exposed to these sort of content? The American culture is shaped by sexuality. Just read the book called The Porning of America by Carmine Sarracino and you'll understand how "Burton Love" is not the problem but the whole American culture is the problem. There are far worst things that these demonstrators should be protesting against instead of these 4 pictures on a 152cm canvas.

But don't worry all you jibbers, you are still allowed to go jibbing with these boards at various resorts, just employees are banned from using it.