Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World Series of Rain and Snooze

The 2008 World Series will be one to be forgotten for MLB as well as the fans. It has been incredibly boring and amidst the lack of viewers, it is prolonged even longer with talks of a conspiracy brewed up by Bud Selig. The worst commissioner in any professional sports has been bombarded with questions to why he suspended the game, why did the game even start, why wasn't it suspended earlier etc. Some say he waited till the Tampa Bay Rays tied it up before he suspended it so he wouldn't have to crown The Phillies on a default. Imagine if the game ended because of a rain delay and they won sitting in the clubhouse, how ridiculous would MLB look. A conspiracy is a little far-fetched since no one can predict the weather (or maybe Bud Selig can) but the game shouldn't have started in the first place. This just gives the Philly fans something to complain about if they end up losing.

I'm sorry but I am actually hoping the Rays will come back and win it all. THEN we will have something to talk about, FINALLY. Philadelphia would erupt with riots, MLB will be severely criticized, Bud Selig will step down, and the 2008 World Series will be forever remembered for all the wrong reasons. Better than the current World Series that no one will remember. Screw baseball, NBA season has started.