Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Greg Oden career prediction

Greg Oden has been plagued by injuries since his college days and now in his second year in the NBA, he has officially only played one game (as of Oct29,2008) - and he didn't even finish the game. He is injured ONCE again leaving the game with a foot injury. I think its a matter of time before he gets badly hurt and has to sit out for a prolong period of time.
His future looks bright, but with his constant injury woes, I have a feeling he'll be one of the biggest bust in NBA draft history. I know he is still young, but with his body size and frame, it is not easy to put that much pressure on your body constantly especially with the tough physical play the NBA has to offer.

Yes, I am going to say it right here right now; Greg Oden will suffer another big injury this season
and having to play only a handful of games in couple of years, his skills will slowly diminish and we'll all be looking back at the once touted prospect that could've been great but due to his body limitations, he'll be a well travelled player with every team hoping to ignite the flame that once burned in Ohio State which coveted him the no.1 pick. I hope I am wrong - if healthy, he has the potential to be great.