Friday, October 31, 2008

Colts - Patriots this Sunday. Does anyone care?

The Indianapolis Colts is hosting the New England Patriots this Sunday but does anyone really care anymore? Over the past few seasons, this is a marquee matchup with two football powerhouses going at it. Now we fast forward to 2008 with a 3-4 Colts and a Brady-less Pats - how interesting huh... The colts are on the decline and a Belichick's soldier-like team in the Pats without Brady can no longer hold our attention. BOOORING - what other teams are playing now.
The interest has shifted towards Peyton's little brother Eli and the defending Super Bowl champions against the loud-mouth, Jessica I can't play through a broken pinky Romo - Cowboys. The team loading up on the NFL badboys will have to do without Romo once again this weekend nursing his little pinky. Boo Hoo...
And yes, Patriots VS. the Colts has definitely lost its luster this season and possibly forever.