Monday, October 27, 2008

World Zzzeries

Mark my words, the Philadelphia Phillies will be the World Series Champion if not tonight, then in game six in Tampa Bay. I don't see the Rays coming back as their improbable run will come to an end soon. The question is, does anyone even care?
The World Series this fall has been a snooze. No Red Sox Nation or the Evil Empire Yankees to spice up the storylines but instead we have a Cinderella story in the Tampa Bay Rays and the boring Phillies.
People of Philadelphia has been searching for a possible parade route before they even won anything, but rest assured, the parade will happen eventually especially against the Rays that are obviously down and out.

Nonetheless, I know Joe Carter broke the hearts of Philadelphia fans in 93', but party on Philly, even though you have bored us all to death this fall, you deserve the near 30-year wait.
Brad Lidge, Ryan Howard, and Jimmy Rollins has carried this team for years and they deserve the championship.