Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies World Champions?

First of all, congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for their World Series win. They played hard throughout the season and with Brad Lidge closing out the games, they deserved the trophy.
I made my rant about how boring the World Series has been and I am still sticking to that. It has been one of the most boring championship in a long time and it wasn't like it was a close series to have people intrigued. I swear if Boston made it to the final, the ratings would double if not triple, and the series would be a lot closer.

Now what pisses me off is how the commentators keep saying Philadelphia Phillies world champions. They're NOT the world champions. They have got to change the name - its not the World Series when we have teams from North America competing against each other. Also United States isn't even close to being the baseball powerhouse they once were. They didn't win the Olympics, they weren't even close to winning the World Baseball Classic in 06. MLB should team up with leagues across the globe and have a REAL World Championship instead of a North America games and proclaiming themselves as the World Champions when at best, you are the North American Champions. Similar to soccer and their champions league would work. Doesn't matter what nation the players on your team is, its a championship of the club teams.
So either stop calling it the WORLD SERIES or have a real World Series.