Monday, November 17, 2008

Eri Yoshida - 16 year old girl Drafted by Pro Baseball League

Eri Yoshida, a 16 year old girl was drafted by Kobe 9 Cruise to play alongside men in a new independent Japanese league. She joins the likes of Danica Patrick, Michelle Wie, and Hayley Wickenheiser to play against the men in their repsective sport.
This is just the beginning for her as she wants to play pro in a higher league and be just as good as Tim Wakefield.

I think this could work. She is a knuckleball pitcher who in no way is trying to overpower the hitters. She might inspire highly skilled girls to pursue a career in baseball now. From what I understand of the mechanics of the knuckleball - you release the ball with hardly any spin on it hence the ball changing direction many times before it hits home plate. It also works in soccer when someone toe-punts the ball without giving it any spin it moves the ball erratically. You could all try this out - as toe-punting a soccer ball is a lot easier than throwing a knuckleball. Nonetheless, if she has a good enough command on the knuckleball, her chance of success is very high.
For all you scientists out there, you could read about the scientific reasoning to a knuckleball. I say Good For Her - and good luck.

Here is a funny spoof of what we might be seeing from Eri Yoshida.

Now here is a real clip of her.