Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where is Brian Burke heading

The Anaheim Ducks annouced Bob Murray as the new General Manager of the Ducks this afternoon.
Brian Burke is NOT getting fired, but in a way, the organization is doing a shakeup and solidify/cement their future. It is the inevitable that Brian Burke will be leaving Anaheim soon so both sides are starting to do damage control for that inescapable day.

Brian Burke will be a special consultant of the Ducks while Bob Murray is the new GM.
I think this is a way for both sides to save face. Brian Burke not getting fired but as a senior advisor he can do anything he wants and sign with another team as GM whenever he wants.

Brian Burke and the Ducks:

Now lets look back at Brian Burke and his legacy and time in Anaheim. He was hired in 2005 taking over for Bryan Murray. He has a combined record of 138-74-34 since 2005. Lost in the first round and third round along with a Stanley Cup win, the Ducks have been a successful team under Burke.
The Andy McDonald trade is definitely a black mark on his resume along with the Bertuzzi signing as well as the Morrison signing.

Many would argue Burke didnt do much in Anaheim. He was lucky with the Pronger fallout with Edmonton and lured Scott Niedermeyer to have him play with his brother. He basically inherited a team built by Bryan Murray and he just reaped the benefits.
I would say Brian Burke is an admirable General Manager who sticks up for his players and is intelligent enough to run a successful hockey team. What he did in Vancouver by rebuilding the franchise was obviously not a fluke, but what he left for Dave Nonis was pretty crappy.

What now for Burkey:

From what it looks like now, he is heading to Toronto. The fit is right with him and Ron Wilson to keep the media honest and there is nothing for him to lose there. A team in turmoil can only go up. It is going to be a new era in MLSE with Brian Burke in Toronto.
Everybody thinks Brian Burke is this super General Manager that is going to turn Toronto around. Cliff Fletcher is doing a great job already, and what can Brian Burke do that is so different. The Leafs are rebuilding. No matter what, it is going to take time. Nonetheless, most likely Burke is heading to Toronto but there are also many teams wanting his service. So the question is, Where is Brian Burke going? Rumors have it that Ottawa is also interested. Although Ottawa is struggling, I don't think Bryan Murray needs to be replaced. Brian Burke has had success taking over a Bryan Murray's team (Anaheim) and winning a Stanley Cup with it, so why not try it out again. I still think it is highly unlikely for Burke to head to Ottawa.
Where else, Chicago? Boston? Toronto? Rangers?
1. Toronto
2. Chicago
3. Ottawa
4. Rangers
3. Boston

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