Saturday, November 15, 2008

UFC 91 submits the WWE

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the beginning of the end for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The reason why I say this is because as the UFC become more and more mainstream, people will start to see what real fighting is and none of the sissy slapping and punching while I stomp the ground the WWE "superstars" are doing.
I know the WWE is like a soap opera for guys with storylines, conflicts, love interests, and gangs, but it is still based on wrestling and sometimes fighting. MMA and UFC in specific has arguably taken over boxing on a interest level and the popularity continues to grow.

Now for UFC 91, we have a former WWE superstar in Brock Lesnar who has traded away his performing and acting for the MMA. There are also rumors of Kurt Angle leaving the wrestling business to join the MMA. We are seeing a shift from athletes that wants the reality of facing an opponent and winning based on skills instead of a storyline.
There will always be performers who wants to join the WWE to perform their charisma in front of thousands of people instead of fighting for their lives in a octagon. I just think that as UFC and MMA become mainstream, it will ultimately spell the death for the WWE. Maybe not the death, but a definite decline in popularity from a fans point of view as well as top notch athletes joining the MMA instead of the WWE hence the case of Brock Lesnar and possibly Kurt Angle. Rumor also has it that Bobby Lashley has left the WWE for a career in an octagon.

Today in UFC 91, if the result is Brock Lesnar overtaking Randy Couture, the spotlight will land on this former WWE superstar and the analysis and comparsion between the WWE and UFC will begin.
As the Buggles once sang, Video Killed the Radio Star. I would like to say that the UFC killed the WWE stars.