Sunday, November 9, 2008

What if the Patriots won the Super Bowl with Matt Cassel

Imagine the improbable. The headline: Patriots win the Superbowl with Matt Cassel.
On September 7, 2008, the dream of Patriots winning the Superbowl was torn away by Bernard Pollard along with Brady's anterior cruciate ligament and his medial collateral ligament. The nightmare of Patriot's fan became a reality, Brady was done for the season. Just two games prior (referencing back to the 07-08 season) Patriots was on top of the world. With a perfect season, awaiting to play the unlikely New York Giants in the Superbowl, and basically broke every offensive record in the books. That all seemed so far away on September 7th with Brady hurt lying on the ground screaming and grabbing his knees.

Fast forwarding to present day. Patriots still has an impressive record on the back of an unlikely source, Matt Cassel. The question is, what happens to the Patriots, Matt Cassel, and Tom Brady if they pull off a Superbowl win this season. Don't laugh now, but it really is a possibility. A little far-fetched, but not impossible. Brady has had a couple setbacks from infections that has led to more surgery so maybe the Patriots wouldn't want to rush him back for the beginning of next season. Maybe trade away Cassel? Some teams might think hes a legitimate starting quarterback so in that case there is no point keeping Cassel behind Brady when instead they can receive a leigitmate commodity back for him. Maybe Boston should immediately have a statue outside Gillete Stadium to honor Bill Bellichick. What I know for sure is for the Pats to sit/trade/release/dump Brady in favor of Cassel.
There are many possibilities but the Patriots are in a way, surprising everybody sticking with Cassel and doing as well as they are.

Keep in mind I am speaking of the Pats winning the Superbowl. Even if they don't win this season, if Cassel has an incredibly successful season which leads to a playoff win or two, these scenarios can still be played.