Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scariest Looking Athlete

With Halloween behind us now, it is obviously the time for us to look at who the scariest looking athlete is. I know everyone has their opinion, but here is my list of six. This list is not to disrespect the players but all fun and games.

#6 Greg Oden:
This rookie sensation out of Ohio State is only 20years old but looks 40. Greg "Olden" as he is often referred to on the net, not only looks old, but also has a body of a 40year old. He has been hurt all of last season and during his first game this season, he injured himself again. I wonder what he's going to look like when he's actually 40. Maybe he'll defy aging and look the same for 20 more years.

#5 Chris Bosh:
When a player has been on one team for a long time, maybe he'll start to look like the team mascot. Maybe its' the hair, but he is slowly turning into a raptor himself. Although he looks like a dinosaur now, his potential of turning into Chris Bosh again shouldn't be too hard. Just lose the dreads Chris. PS. I respect him fully with his comical postings on Youtube. Great Guy

#4 Sam Cassell:
I think his major downfall is the shape of his head. His face has been photoshopped beside many alien pictures, but I personally don't think he looks scary. I didn't say anything about weird looking, but not really scary looking. Maybe if he grows some hair it will be better? I don't know, but most of the time when referring to odd looking athletes, his name will be brought up.

#3 Mike Ricci:
Hockey players are warriors on ice. They fight and they hit, so getting nicked up with a broken nose and scratches on the face is normal. Mike Ricci has had a wonderful career in the NHL, and he has the scars to prove it. Unfortunately, many of the scars are on his face. Maybe its the long hair too, but the Fabio hair doesn't really work well on him. He once was a decent looking lad, but the wear and tear of the NHL can be seen all over his face.

#2 Ronaldinho:
I hate how this guy is on the list. With his soccer skills, it really is a shame. I don't want to spend too much time dissecting what is wrong him him, but just look at the pictures yourself and make your own conclusions. I guess in his defence, who needs the looks when you are that good at soccer. He's going to get the girls either way.

#1 Dennis Rodman:
The once badboy of the NBA. This rebounder king with his unique sense of fashion is on the list because... well his piercings, tattoos, attitude, and personality. Didn't he kick a cameraman in the nuts? He is the total package when speaking of scary.