Friday, November 7, 2008

Brandon Marshall Celebration

Brandon Marshall's celebration attempt to tribute Barack Obama. Do you think if he actually pulled it off will he be condemned or praised.
It all went down last night with the Broncos playing the Browns in a Thursday Night matchup of two young Quarterbacks in Brady Quinn and Jake Cutler. A detailed written enactment of what happened last night can be read here but to sum up. Marshall caught a touchdown with one minute left in the game to put his team up by 3 points. Before the game, everybody on the Broncos knew he would make a statement on national television to show respect to Barack Obama by pulling out a black and white glove from his pants to symbolize unity Barack Obama has inspired in him and Ameica. The problem is, by using a prop during a celebration, the team would be penalized 15yards and with one minute left in the game up by only 3 points, 15yards might possibly lose the game for the Broncos. So the stage is set and just when Marshall is about to pull the glove out, Brandon Stokley ran to him and convinced him not to do it for the good of the team. Eventually Marshall didn't do it, the Broncos weren't penalized 15 yards, and they won the game thanks in part to Stokley.

Now the question is, if Marshall did pull off the stunt, will he be criticized?
The presidential victory by Barack Obama is definitely historical and many people around the world and United States are emotional and inspired by the victory. I personally will not denounce him for it. I think creating a symbol of unity and show how the world has changed since the slavery days and making a political statement is more important than a football game. It is a little selfish on Marshall's part to accomplish a personal agenda by hurting the football team, but in a time like this, it is warranted and I will let him off the hook.