Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where is Sundin Going Part Deux.

Another week with more speculations on the Mats Sundin return front. Everybody in the hockey world is still asking, "where is Mats Sundin going" and all the fans are wondering about the constant rumors on Mats Sundin. This week he met up with Mike Gilles while the Canucks had a roadtrip through California and I don't think anything interesting came from the meeting. But Gilles is a man of little words not giving an inch to the media and rumours, so I am wondering what was said and if Sundin showed any interest in the Canucks. He also met with Brian Burke of the Ducks since he is working out in L.A. Here is an update on the Sundin front from individual teams worth mentioning.

Vancouver Canucks:
I really am skeptical on Sundin going to the Canucks. Besides the money, which I don't think he needs, does he want to move to the West with all that travelling? Out of all the teams in the running however, I think he would help the Canucks the most. Think of this line. Wellwood, Sundin, Demitra. Or even better, Sundin, Demitra, Gaborik. That will give Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson as the best line in hockey. I hope it happens, but I really doubt it will. We can dream can't we.

Anaheim Ducks:
I swear if Sundin goes to the Ducks, Brian Burke has officially driven the team down to the ground. Why I say that is because they would need to trade away players to make cap room for Sundin. Remember the Andy MacDonald trade? That sure blew up in their face. Looking at their salary cap issue, I don't see anyone who they can trade away without devastating the team. Beauchemin, R. Niedermeyer, Ryan, Kunitz? Teams will line up for players like these. Morrison, Marchant, O'Donnell? No one would want these players for that price. I don't think Sundin will go to the Ducks. Maybe that is a blessing in disguise for them.

Ottawa Senators:
Even with Sundin in the lineup, its not going to fix the goaltending problem they are and will be facing. Why Ottawa, Sundin. Do you really want to ruin your Toronto reputation by joining Ottawa? They are farther away from the Stanley than New York Rangers. So why would he choose to go to Ottawa.

New York Rangers:

I still think NYR is high on the list of teams Sundin will likely end up with. Yes Salary cap issue is still a problem, but a team one step away from the Stanley Cup and the chance of playing in New York City are all great selling points. Who wouldn't want to play for the New York Rangers.


I still think he will end up with Toronto. I know his house is up for sale, but I just have this feeling he is returning to TO. Especially the way the team is playing, they are not bottom dwellers like everyone thought they were going to be, so its not a total waste of him to return and strengthen his legacy of the wealthiest hockey team in the world.
Who knows. I can also see him landing with some weird team out of nowhere. New Jersey? Philadelphia? Calgary? San Jose? Detroit? A more detailed look on all the teams in the Sundin Sweepstakes.