Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LeBron VI Big Apple foreshadows Lebron as a Knick

LeBron James will be debuting his new shoe - the LeBron VI Big Apple - Nike Zoom Lebron VI tonight at Madison Square Garden. Part of the reason why this is getting so much hype is because, well its LBJ, but also the rumors swirling around him signing with a New York based team in the Nets or Knicks come 2010 when his contract ends with Cleveland.

This special Big Apple version of his shoe is foreshadowing his ultimate demise in Cleveland and a beginning in New York. He has, in my opinion already laid down the foundations to his depature. He was booed after dribbling out the last few seconds of their previous game where by hitting 100 points, everyone would receive a free Chalupa. The game ended with the Cavaliers stuck at 99 points. The heavy criticisms and boos can be and will be used as the "not being appreciated" card when he decides to leave Cleveland.
I do think that the Knicks need a league star like LeBron - I predicted that he will be the MVP this season, and with that on his resume, he will be perfect in white, blue and orange. L.A has Kobe, New York needs Lebron. Now we're just all waiting for 2010 the Summer of LeBron.