Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Marion Gaborik on the Move

The question is, Where and what team is Marion Gaborik going to? We are weeks, if not days away from the inevitable trade of Marion Gaborik from the Wild to a team that is risking a lot for an injury prone player who when on top of his game is one of the best in the NHL.
Here are the teams that are rumored in the running as well as my thoughts:

Vancouver Canucks
I know the Canucks would love to grab Gaborik to play alongside his good friend Demitra, but it is highly unlikely for Minnesota to trade their franchise player to a North West Divisional Rival. Demitra/Sundin/Gaborik. WOW! Instant Stanley Cup contending team with that line.

Montreal Canadiens
Montreal has been in all the big talks this season first with Hossa then with Sundin. Gaborik will be joining a heavily stacked Montreal team that is definitely pushing for the Stanley Cup this season.

New York Rangers
I can never rule out the Rangers. They are a star-hungry team that wants to load up on superstars instead of considering about the fit. I have no idea how they are going to make it work with Gaborik, but another superstar that can score will never hurt.
Maybe its a New York thing, with the Yankees doing the exact same thing.

Philadelphia Flyers
A baby Rangers in my opinion with the team always hungry for superstars. Sundin, Forsberg, and now Gaborik. The team was a Stanley Cup contender in many people's mind at the beginning of season, but with the underachievement, changes needs to be made. Although the back end is what I think the team needs, but maybe they will take the route of outscoring the opponents. They took a chance with Forsberg and his injury, we know they will too with Gaborik.

Chicago Blackhawks
I still think Chicago is a year or two away from being a Stanley Cup contender, but they have been in all the major trade talks and signings this season. Rumors about Chicago wanting Nylander just stirs the pot even more. If the trade falls through, I can imagine them dumping Khabibulin or Huet to Minnesota for Gaborik. Sundin, Nylander, and Gaborik - they can only choose one. Who will it be.

Teams trading for Gaborik hoping to sign him instead of a Loan:

Atlanta Thrashers
Although they are rebuilding, I can see Atlanta making a trade for Gaborik to play alongside Kovalchuk. The team will be rebuilding around these two players.

Carolina Hurricane
The team has cap space to deal with. A current strong team that wouldn't mind the offensive help Gaborik will give to Staal.

New York Islanders
Also a rebuilding team that would not mind building around Gaborik. With Charles Wang and Garth Snow in charge, anything crazy can happen on Long Island.