Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What now for the New Jersey Devils

With Martin Brodeur out for 3-4 months, the question begins for the New Jersey Devils on what they are going to do without him. Trade? Signings? Who is going to step up? How are they going to win games?
First of all, they are not going to find a replacement for Martin Brodeur. The greatest goalie of all time will not and cannot be replaced that simply. They are going to ride Kevin Weekes for the next 12-16weeks and whispers of Khabibulin going to New Jersey is just that, rumors that will not come to life.
A strong coached team and timely scoring by Parise and Gionta will keep them competitive till his return.
They are still a very good team and they are not in as much trouble as many believe they will be. I believe they will be over .500 while Brodeur is injured and continue to charge into the playoffs after his return.
Yes I said it here. They are still going to make the playoffs despite losing Brodeur for a long period of time. I can see them going out and trading for offensive power or defensive players to sure up the team from other areas of the ice instead of solely relying on the solid goaltending of Martin Brodeur like the past 15years.
What I am more disappointed in is that Brodeur will most likely not break Terry Sawchuk's NHL record of 103 shutouts but will most likely break Patrick Roy's NHL record of career wins at 551. Don't worry about the Devils though, they will be fine without Marty as I have listed here on my NHL playoff predictions.