Friday, November 14, 2008

Canucks third Jersey

Here is my point of view on the new Canucks third jersey that will be worn against the Leafs on Saturday the 15th. This absolutely looks like a money grab attempt by the Canucks. The jerseys looks in retrospect the same with the same colors and same designs and color layout. The Stick has been moved from the shoulders to the front with a new Johnny Canuck logo on the shoulders. It is so similar to the previous jersey but yet so different that people will flood to the stores and purchase one.

So what is the point of having a third jersey that literally looks like the one they are wearing now. Like I said before, what is the point of having the same color scheme on a alternative jersey. The least they could have done is to swap the blue and the green so the base color would be green. In a way it would look like the Brampton Battalion jersey.

I love the Canucks new colors now. Just I think for a third jersey they could have done something more unique and different than what they have. It is a third jersey that would be worn 15 times only. Remember the skate logo and the red third jersey. Although that wasn't the best looking jersey in Canucks history, it was at least DIFFERENT.
I really am quite disappointed by the Canucks third jersey. Edmonton has the best third jersey so far in my opinion. I wouldn't even mind seeing the Canucks in the old flying V jerseys or maybe even the skate logo like the 93-94 cup run. A 15 year tribute to that team with the Linden jersey retirement this season would have been perfect.