Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Relay Route

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay Route has been announced and it is taking a 106-day track all around Canada from the Queen Charlottes, the North West Territories, to Cape Spear in St.Johns.

For those who needs a history lesson on the Torch relay - it is a symbol of the Olympic Games to honor Prometheus stealing of Zeus's flame in Greek Mythology. But in contemporary society, the Olympic Torch relay is more of a symbol of human rights, equality, and liberalism now it seems. The Beijing Olympics caused major uproars in many areas the torch travelled through. Many activists tried to distinguish the fire to make a political statement. Majority were upset with the violation of human rights in China, specifically Tibet. Now with the Torch route announced, I wonder if the demonstrations will happen this time around.

Detailed route of the relay:
- Five Days on Vancouver Island
- Flown to Northern Yukon
- Then to the Canadian Forces Base up North (northernmost settlement in the world)
- Travel to Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
- Newfoundland
- Then make its way back to BC spending 22 days there
- Finally to BC Place for the opening ceremony